Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 2009

We are having a GREAT Trophy season. I have been very busy in promoting these incredible Accurate products. Ben has been helping me quite a bit in providing me with what I need to do so in the way that I feel is most effective. I have taken a page out of your "long-range" book. I have always felt, since day one, that to hold and use an Accurate reel is the only way to appreciate these animals. I have loaned out rods and reels to anyone and everyone I could find, (and trust), during this trophy season. I deal and mentor the East Coast's best Striped Bass fisherman. These men are the best of the best and incredibly set in their ways.

HOWEVER!- They cannot argue that to boat a Cow Striper on an Accurate set-up is like going fishing again for the first time. I can honestly say without ANY exaggeration that every guy that caught a fish on an Accurate rig will be re-rigging over the next few months. The reels speak for themselves.

Thank you so much for your continued support,
I will continue to carry on, showing this side of the world what they are missing!
December 2009

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